Thoughts about tall girls and tall women

I think tall women are interesting. I’m tall woman and I always admire other tall girls or tall women that I meet. It’s so unusual to meet a tall girl anywhere and I absolutely love it!

I think tall girls are very unique. I’m very unique and I’m very tall. I never met a very tall girl who is exactly like me though. I’m very different the way I look, the way I think, the way I interact. Would I feel so unique if I was “average” I’m not so sure but probably so.

Tall girls have to stand out, tall girls have to be different, tall girls will never blend it and that’s why they develop a very unique personality.

I beleive tall girls need more complements and encouragement, because tall women often feel “too tall” or “too masculine” and question their own femininity often. As I got older, I heard enough that I look feminine and beautiful, so my self esteem grew in a right direction…but what about women who are masculine and heavy?…of course they deserve their own appreciation for who they are and how they look.

More about tall women and their looks

Women of all shapes, weight and looks, should feel good about themselves and hopefully this site will help you to feel good and love yourself. Tall women, short men, masculine girls and smaller guys, we are all different for a reason. The world wouldn’t be such interesting place if we all looked the same.

No matter what shape you are, no matter how much you weigh, there are some people who love you the way you are. Sometimes I felt very insecure about being tall, I thought maybe if I was shorter, or cuter looking, maybe people would love me more. But in this world there are no guarantee, even the most beautiful people don’t always feel loved or very appreciated.

Most important is to be appreciated and valued by someone who is important to you. If important people in your life really care about you, praise you and love you, it’s all you need to feel good and happy.

In case if you don’t have anyone to love you or appreciate you, then maybe you will meet those people some day. You are in this world because someone needs you for who you are.

No matter how unimportant your existence may seem to you at the moment, you need to know that you are important to someone in this life. I really beleive we are here to help each other and love each other, even if we don’t always know our purpose, we are important in a way that we can’t always really comprehend at the moment.