This website is created to encourage tall women to feel beautiful,
confident and appreciated. 
This website is for tall women and anyone who loves tall people.
I will address issues that short men have about tall ladies
and encourage them to be confident around women of any height.
If you are a tall man, I hope you will be able to encourage 
women, give them complements and treat them nice. Tall women don't
always here many compliments and the meaning of "Wow, you are so tall!" 
doesn't always feel too good. 

Everyone should be more sensitive to how we treat people with different
looks, whether you are tall or short.

Check out this fun website and enjoy everything I have to say about
tall women or anyone who is tall, short or unusual looking.

Please check out tall women page or how to treat tall women advice.
Also, common tall questions and answers will be interesting to you.
And in tall women videos you can watch some of my favorite videos of
tall ladies.